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White Paper: Navigating the E-Commerce Currents


E-commerce is a large and growing industry. To be successful in this industry requires more than a strong product - it requires customer focus. Click here to learn how to build customer focus.

White Paper: The Product Return Effect



How strong is your return policy? Do you know how it stacks up against your competitors, or how it might be affecting sales of your product or service? Click here to learn more

White Paper: The Rise & Fall of Fitness & Diet Trends & Fads





The fitness and diet market is an ever-changing landscape, but it’s possible to not only keep up with trends, but also grow and innovate as they change. Click here to continue reading!

White Paper: Consumers Are What They Eat: A Changing Restaurant Landscape



Shares are slipping, and franchises are declining - could this be a sign of the times for the restaurant industry? Maybe. Consumers have changed their spending and eating habits in the past few years, and the restaurant sector is taking notice. Click here to learn more.

White Paper: Turning Excess Inventory into Abundant Opportunity



How does Midas Exchange turn excess inventory into an abundant opportunity? Read the whitepaper to learn more.

White Paper: The Benefits of Disruptive Innovation and Marketing


In the world of business, we’re entering into a new era where it’s no longer enough to innovate and create, but imperative to disrupt. In late 2015, Forbes announced that “disruption is the new normal.” And it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. You can download a copy of the white paper here

White Paper: The Business of Getting Out of Business




What happens when a company decides to exit a specific category? What happens to the assets associated with that business unit? Click here to learn the latest methods in restoring value from excess inventory, real estate, office equipment, and marketing commitments. 

White Paper: Current State of the U.S. Office Market




Looking for ways to optimize your company's real estate utilization rateRead our white paper for insights on the current state of the U.S. Office Market.

White Paper: Working with Private Equity Firms — The Untold Insights



Are you a senior-level marketing professional? Read our newest white paper for insights into what to expect when working with private equity firms, and the challenges and opportunities it can provide for CMOs.

White Paper: Solving Excess Inventory Issues


Does excess inventory affect your company? Managing Partner, Director of Asset Acquisitions, Christopher Mangan, shares insights into the problem of excess inventory, and some ways businesses can resolve this issue. Read more to access our newest white paper.

White Paper: The Future of Marketing




At GroupM Next, some of the leading executives of today shared inside information regarding the future of marketing. Download exclusive insights from the conference here.



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