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02.07.2017 Have your Winter Goods Gone COLD?


As the cold retreats and spring rolls in, winter clothing is on the way out for more comfortable and practical spring and summer fashions. This shifting of seasons can be an issue if you have an excess of inventory that won’t sell well in the new season.


The fashion industry has previously lagged behind retail, typically holding shows for the Fall and Winter season in February, and the Spring and Summer season in September.


Fashion Designer Rebecca Minkoff is breaking this trend in the industry, seeking to transform New York Fashion Week to a “buy now, wear now” format and let her brand be available as soon as the styles hit the runway. This change will bring the fashion industry in line with the retail world, potentially affecting how quickly certain looks will go in and out of style.


Retailers may need to keep a closer eye on the fashion industry to quickly push out the new clothing lines while they’re still hot. Now if you have an excess in stock at the end of the season, there can be even less opportunity for selling this inventory as it is out of style and not weather appropriate.


Nearly 40 percent of outerwear sales happen in November and December,according to a press release by The NPD Group. If you still have inventory in stock, it’s time to look at your options; the temperature is rising, and fashion is shifting to the next season!


It can be difficult to sell winter clothing that’s no longer trendy and in-season, but there are options available to utilize these slow-moving assets. Midas Exchange can help move that out-of-season inventory and restore it to full value through customized trade programs.


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Take these frozen and out of season styles and restore them to their full value with Midas Exchange.



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