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10.27.2019 Insights Harnessing the Successes of DTC with Corporate Trade


Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) is the upstart in today’s ecommerce world. With success stories like Warby Parker, Dollar Shave Club and Bonobos, the business model is garnering well-earned press. For those unfamiliar with DTC, it is a burgeoning business model that has promise across diverse industries and products.


DTC involves small companies that focus on direct sales to customers, cutting out the middlemen and targeting precise customers. In this way, the company can create its own brand, maintain margins and build brand loyalty in a diverse and individual way.


Many DTC companies follow similar patterns of behavior.
Digitally native - These companies are keeping their costs down through focusing on ecommerce sales and ecommerce presence. This allows greatest reach for lowest cost.

Few product lines - DTC companies invest in few, but impactful product lines. Focusing on few products build their brand reputation and customer loyalty through the ecommerce channels.

Youth-focused audience - Many DTC darlings focus on a youth audience, as they are the most internet-savvy and allows for strongest audience participation - a key to DTC success.


These trends have paid off with DTC currently represents 11% of the market, expecting to grow to 14% by 2021. They have taken particular hold in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry with 40% of CPG’s sales growth in e-commerce relating to DTC.


Even if your company has not embraced the DTC trends, or you have not gained the desired traction, there are several keys to keep in mind when pursuing this opportunity.


Maintain the product lines

Ensure your products are meeting the customer demand and they match the advertising channels being offered. Lagging product lines will negatively impact your brand image - something that is particularly troublesome for the DTC market.


Focus on the customer

The customer is the key to success. Your company has to know the customer and create a communications channel that highlights your product’s differentiators and speaks to the customer in a friendly and approachable manner. This requires identifying key segments, understanding the customer decision-making and then ensuring the product meets those expectations.


Capitalize on new media

Online media is trending to more conversation-oriented, interactive communications. Your products should embrace this shift through social media and focused messaging. By ensuring that all available avenues to reach the customer is met, your brand can enjoy the gains from consumer feedback and brand awareness.


Fortunately, Midas Exchange’s unique and industry leading asset trade program can help you achieve your DTC adoption. We can restore full value to any lagging product lines, lightening inventory and transferring that value to marketing strategy. Backed by WPP, Midas Exchange can give your company access to the world’s largest media market and target your ideal customer with a custom marketing program that integrates the newest technology and latest trends.


Partnering with Midas Exchange, your company can not only restore value to assets, but also create new and successful marketing campaigns that drive value and build competitive advantage. Call us today at (212) 474-0083 or email us at to schedule your consultation and see how we can help you grow your business.




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