Retailer is growing its customer offerings into new emerging technology, including phones. This growth created an excess inventory of cell phones that were customer returns.



Midas purchased the inventory at full value. Retailer utilized Midas trade credits to offset national cable and digital media plans. Midas liquidated the inventory to outlets pre-approved by the retailer. Midas utilized its partner Renew Wireless who picked up the inventory from 20 distribution centers and redistributed to approved channels.
  • $2.8+ million in value creation

  • redeploy these dollars against new marketing initiative's

  • creation of a strategic solution for inventory excess


Retailer expanded its distribution to new channels and reduced its cash outlay on media expenditures through efficiencies driven by Midas trade. Midas delivered all media requirements to client and agency specifications, guidelines and benchmarks utilizing Midas trade credits as a partial payment substitution.


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