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Partners Testimonials

"The Midas Exchange has been a great barter partner over the years. First, during my tenure as CMO at Rent-A-Center, Midas presented a solid plan to add value to the plan by adding true efficiencies. In the last two years, Midas has provided a similar approach to our plan at Direct General Insurance. Kathy Kladopoulos and her team are great partners  they listen and respond to your business needs with creative solutions. When exploring the approach or selecting your barter partner, I highly recommend you give Midas a call."


-Ann L. Davids, Senior Vice President and CMO

"Midas Exchange has been a strategic partner of ours for several years. Renew Wireless and Midas Exchange have been able to source innovative channels for excess and slow-moving inventories that do not conflict with their clients' current distribution strategies, which makes our partnership highly effective for Midas' clients."


-Chad Lander, Chief Operating Officer at Renew Wireless



"We have worked with Midas for over five years in a partnership that continues to grow and develop. Like all retailers, we are navigating an ever changing marketplace that requires increased flexibility and speed to deliver on our strategic goals. Midas delivers media efficiencies while preserving the quality of our strategic marketing plans and objectives. And as we at Rent-A-Center continue to evolve and drive the diversification of our business into new emerging areas of technology, Midas has been a steady partner that has helped us manage the new technology product offerings, particularly in mobile where change and updated technology happens every day. Midas delivers a consultative solution that drives results and ROI in media as well as asset management. I trust Midas as a partner, and recommend them to other potential clients."

-Troy Minaldi, Director of Advertising, Rent-A-Center, Inc.

Video Testimonials

Mark Pyle, Global Brand & Communications at Shell Lubricants, details how Midas Exchange helped Shell extract added value out of their media budget and found cash that allowed them to invest in additional programs.


Ann Davids, CMO at Direct General Insurance, explains how Midas Exchange works with their lead media planning and buying agency to achieve maximum media efficiencies.


“We think Midas Exchange is a great value proposition for their customers, and we enjoy dealing with the company that values somebody who plays by the rules and adheres to the requirements of their customers. It’s a long-term partnership and we look to continue to grow it." – Chad Lander, SVP, continues to describe his company's partnership with Midas Exchange. 


Various Midas partners such as HUB, Husqvarna, and Medifast delve into their experiences with Midas Exchange.