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At Midas Exchange, we help you restore full value against corporate assets as partial payment towards media expenditures.

What is Corporate Trade?


Companies have assets that are either undervalued, underperforming or unnecessary to their daily operations.  As these assets decrease or limit in value, they become a significant liability to the customer limiting growth potential and opportunities. 


Corporate trade, formerly known as corporate barter (or barter) is an agreement where the client trades an asset for credit towards media expenditures.  The trading company re-sells the asset through client-approved vendors.  The client places pre-planned and budgeted media through the trading firm.



Client Benefits:

  • Off-load underperforming assets at or near full book value, preventing financial losses.
  • Free extra capital to fund new projects without affecting financial statements.
  • Incorporating trade in the marketing fund allows budgets to remain consistent or be enhanced. 


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The Midas Exchange Corporate Trade Method


Our proven method for creating successful trade models leverages our deep industry experience by providing a personalized, collaborative client solution while utilizing WPP's leading communication network.


1. Collaborative Consultation: 

We collaborate with your team to understand your financial objectives and challenges, ensuring we develop the smartest and most successful trade plan for your business.

2. Identify and Evaluate Assets: 

We help identify assets appropriate for corporate trade.  An asset valuation and asset re-marketing strategy is established and agreed upon with the client.

3. Asses Media and Marketing Goals: 

We analyze the media/marketing requirements, specifications, and client benchmarks.  Trade value and usage timeline is constructed for the media plan.

4. Execute Strategic Plan: 

We develop and execute a client-approved asset re-marketing strategy incorporated into a customized trade transaction proposal that meets or exceeds business objectives.

5. Monitor Plan Implementation: 

We maintain constant communication with the client throughout the plan, providing updates, tracking and reports ensuring the client is satisfied.



Don’t have an asset that is viable for trade? No problem.  Use Midas as your "on-demand agency" and receive media placements that meet all requirements while bringing in more value.  See our FAQ for more details.





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