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What is the economic benefit to media and asset trade?

Media and asset trade offers clients the only solution to restore full valuation on underperforming or slow moving assets/capacity. Midas will issue up to full face value in Midas trade credits or cash, thus providing clients the ability to restore the financial loss they would otherwise experience.

What is the typical formula for a Midas trade model?

Midas restores full value on underperforming assets, including excess inventory, real estate, capital equipment and more. These trade models leverage the buying power of WPP in the form of Midas trade credits, which are invested into a client’s existing media spend. The cost of those credits is utilized by Midas to purchase the asset, thereby restoring its actual book value.

What does Midas consider an asset?

An asset can be anything of value that is viable.

What differentiates Midas trade models from other companies involved in trading?

By incorporating the superior media efficiencies and resources of its parent company WPP, the world’s largest communications services group, Midas is firmly positioned to develop and execute transformative media and asset trading programs that deliver higher ROI and sales revenue for clients and partners. Midas’ vast WPP resources offer unique areas of trade fulfillment that are not available through other companies.

Are other companies in my industry engaging in trade?

Many Fortune 1000 companies are currently engaging in successful trade transactions. Media and asset trade is an important financial marketing solution and in today's economic climate, companies in every industry are finding opportunities with trade.

Will it take a long time to use my Midas trade credits?

Midas will work with the client to formulate a timeline in which all Midas trade credits will be utilized as quickly and efficiently as possible. The length of time required to use all trade credits is dependent on the client and their marketing spend. Midas requires that this timeline must be determined prior to contract execution.

What departments are typically involved in media and asset trading models?

Media and asset trade typically involves a number of different departments in a company. It is usually steered by C-level executives, including the CEO, CFO and CMO.

What types of media can be utilized in trade models?

Any type of media can be utilized in a trade model. Whether you have TV expenditures (network, national cable, spot, unwired, or direct response), digital and social, out of home, spot radio, magazines, local or national newspapers, Midas is able to deliver a transformative trade model.

What types of assets and services can be utilized in trade models?

From an asset perspective, Midas is able to facilitate trade models with virtually any type of asset. Categories include inventory, automobiles, capital equipment, aircraft, real estate, marketing, debt portfolio, and gift cards.

Where do you remarket the assets?

All assets are remarketed to secondary distribution channels contractually approved by the client. Midas has long-standing relationships with secondary outlets and retailers that can quietly remarket assets with no dilution of brand equity.

What are some of the parameters I should evaluate to determine if my asset is viable for trade?

You should ask some of the following questions: What is the value of the asset? Are there costs associated with storing the asset? What are the resale guidelines for the inventory?

How are trade models tracked and verified?

Using industry standard tracking and verification tools and methods, clients receive full accountability on their transactions.

What are asset resale guidelines?

The requirements applied to a Midas trade transaction which state where the asset can be resold so there are no conflicts with the client’s current channels of distribution. For example, client puts a resale guideline in place that Midas must sell outside the United States or only to secondary retailers.

What are Midas Trade Credits?

A GAAP-approved currency that is utilized as partial payment for media and other goods and services. Midas trade credits are backed by WPP and are used to reduce cash outlay on future expenditures, including media.



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