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Media and Asset Trade Charity Program

Midas offers approved clients the opportunity to give back through our Charitable Donation Program. Midas trade models secure savings against our client’s media expenditures. A portion of these savings can be deployed as a donation to your corporate charity. And where applicable, Midas can also donate a portion of the cash liquidation proceeds of any assets traded.


We like to think of it as a win-win-win. Our clients win because in addition to the benefits received from the restoration of asset value and reduction in costs and/or enhanced value of media, they can also help support their corporate charitable programs with no direct cash expenditure. Midas wins because we help our clients generate important savings with the restoration of their assets. And, most importantly, the charities win because our corporate partners find a creative way to generate much needed donation contributions. 


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Please note that WPP reserves the right to approve the charity.



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