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Global apparel company restores value

Global apparel company sought to restore full book value of various sports apparel items.

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Shell moves product

Shell moves product at no pricing devalutation with zero risk of resell conflicts.

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Rent-A-Center recovers full value

Rent-A-Center sought to restore full book value on large quantity of Samsung Galaxy 3 and Samsung Relay phones.

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Direct General boosts reach

An industry leading insurance company was seeking unique ways to enhance their media budget.

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Shell marketing sponsorship

Shell sought financial relief from marketing sponsorship of SXSW Interactive Austin event.

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Husqvarna restores lease

Husqvarna restored full value on its vacant lease and reduced planned media expenditures.

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Ehrmann enhances marketing

During the launch of a new yogurt product across California, Ehrmann was seeking ways to enhance marketing and media efforts while driving sales and brand awareness.

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Bank recovers millions

Globally renowned bank sought ways to enhance media budget through long-standing media and asset trade transaction.

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Shell reduced cash obligation

Shell reduced marketing sponsorship obligations with Hendrick Motorsports by $1.2+ million.

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