Industry leading Visioncare provider Relieved of Prior Commitment

Client sought enhanced media budgets and prior upfront media commitment relief


After exercising cancellation options, the Client needed full relief of their remaining Upfront Network Broadcast Commitment valued at $1.8MM.


Midas agreed to issue a trade credit to the Client for the full $1.8MM and work with the networks to reallocate the media inventory to other Midas clients, with Midas taking full responsibility for payment for that inventory to the vendors. The Client agreed to purchase $9MM of future media activity at a 20% discount vs. the AOR’s benchmark pricing, with no compromise to quality through Midas.


Midas delivered $9MM of the subsequent year’s buy, for which the Client paid $7.2MM in cash and $1.8MM in trade credit, thereby providing full relief of unwanted media inventory while providing 20% savings on new requirements.

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