Digital Marketing Statistics You Need to Know

We’ve seen tremendous growth in data-integrated digital marketing, the use of data to drive digital marketing decision-making. No longer is data the domain of math majors and statisticians. Digital marketers everywhere are dusting off their old statistics books to relearn those skills. By applying these statistical methods, you can harness your data to improve sales […]

Six Lessons from Direct To Consumer (DTC) Marketing

During the pandemic, in-person shopping has become a lot less appealing. This has greatly increased the demand for digital shopping and delivery. We thought this would be a good time for us to look at the lessons from Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) companies. Whether you’re a big company or a small one, there are many marketing lessons […]

Turn Your Company into a Learning Machine

At the end of 2019, we were all putting together our marketing plans. We gathered all of the data, looking at demographics, psychographic, and behavioral data. The plan was solid. Then, in March of this year everything changed, and every single assumption that we made last year was turned on its head. It’s possible to […]

Working Backwards From The Customer

As a marketer, we’re often brought in at the end of a project to take what the business has created and sell it to customers. The business people will take the product documentation, drop it on our desks to “make it pretty” so customers will buy it. It’s frustrating. How do we know what the […]

Digital Marketing Needs to Break Down Silos

Summary: In order to be successful in digital marketing, technology needs to be fully integrated into the business. The reason technology is viewed as a separate function has to do with how it evolved. In the beginning, computers were expensive and complicated machines and needed a cadre of high priests to cater to their every […]

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