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Midas Introduction

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Global apparel company restores value

Global apparel company sought to restore full book value of various sports apparel items.

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Rent-A-Center recovers full value

Rent-A-Center sought to restore full book value on large quantity of Samsung Galaxy 3 and Samsung Relay phones.

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Direct General boosts reach

An industry leading insurance company was seeking unique ways to enhance their media budget.

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Shell saves millions and moves product

Shell moves product at no pricing devalutation with zero risk of resell conflicts.

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Husqvarna restores lease

Husqvarna restored full value on its vacant lease and reduced planned media expenditures.

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Global commercial bank recovers millions

Globally renowned bank sought ways to enhance media budget through long-standing media and asset trade transaction.

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In the press & on the wire News & Press

02-12-2017 White Paper: The Product Return Effect

Researchers estimate that return-related logistics cost manufacturers and retailers more than $100 billion each year—an average revenue drain of nearly four percent per year. Do you know how much your return policy is costing your business?

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08-20-2018 News Announcement of Office Relocation

We are excited to announce that on August 20, 2018, we moved to a WPP location in Midtown West at Columbus Circle. Our office space is located at 3 Columbus Circle, 11th Floor, New York, NY, 10019.

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