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CMO Club Panel Session

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Ehrmann enhances marketing

During the launch of a new yogurt product across California, Ehrmann was seeking ways to enhance marketing and media efforts while driving sales and brand awareness.

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Rent-A-Center recovers full value

Rent-A-Center sought to restore full book value on large quantity of Samsung Galaxy 3 and Samsung Relay phones.

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05-15-2016 Thought Leadership White Paper: Working with Private Equity Firms — The Untold Insights

Are you a senior-level marketing professional? Read our newest white paper for insights into what to expect when working with private equity firms, and the challenges and opportunities it can provide for CMOs. Read more for access to our newest white paper.

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04-18-2016 Midas Exchange's Top 5 Marketing Picks

The advertising world has changed significantly within the past 10 years, and continues to change on a day-to-day basis. We have compiled 5 articles that demonstrate opportunities and obstacles businesses worldwide are currently facing due to industry changes.

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